Daryl Banks is an actor we had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with on Sep 19, 2019. He is represented by AMTI and has acted in a number of roles. He’s a fun, energetic guy who truly gets into character.

The Spiderman photos were especially interesting to shoot. We didn’t have him swinging from buildings, but with his physique, he may be able to pull that off!

Daryl Banks sitting at the Terrific Portrait Studio, Ottawa by Jim Miles taken in September 2019
And Daryl came back for a fitness shoot in October, bringing his alternate personality – Spiderman
Daryl Banks in a dark button up shirt with a black background at the Terrific Portrait Studio, Ottawa by Jim Miles

For behind the scenes shots of how Daryl was captured in Spiderman’s web, read our blog post

Daryl says you should swing by Terrific Portrait Studio for all your superhero portrait needs.

Resume: https://ottawa.amtimanagement.com/talent/daryl-banks/document/3364287/view

Daryl is represented by AMTI. Contact:


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